Wholesale Composite Decking

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Wholesale Composite Decking

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Wholesale Composite Decking

Who Uses Wholesale Composite Decking

We specialize in supplying bulk orders to retailers and developers Australia wide with custom orders. We also serve Trade and Retail customers throughout southeast Queensland with our stocked lines and custom orders over 200 sq.m

Hardware Stores & Flooring Retailers – Our Wood- plastic Composite decking is a must have for their stores. The customers of these stores love the composite decking due to the fact that they are easy to install and also have zero or low maintenance. Also, the parents find the peace of mind knowing that there are no exposed nails or splinters that can cause problems for their children.

Timber Yards & Suppliers – The woods or the timbers used for the timber decking require heavy maintenance and regular oiling or sanding. Most of the customers do not want to spend so much time and effort for the timber decking and wood- plastic composite decking is an easy solution for them. Using the wood- plastic composite decking is also an environmental friendly way of using the decking. Timber yards and suppliers are getting happy customers with the help of wood composite decking.

Garden Centres – The wholesale price that we offer are very helpful for the garden centres to save some money. Their customers are pleased with the timber-like looks of the garden decking that adds more value to their garden. The garden centres are getting more queries for the wood- plastic composite decking and this has increased their business.

Hotels and Resorts – The wood- plastic composite decking is very much popular with the hotels and resorts for the salient features like varieties of colours to choose from and the wholesale rate of the composite decking helps them to stand out from the competition. Also they save a lot by the zero or low maintenance of the composite decking.

Building Companies – The building companies use the wood- plastic composite decking in Gold Coast due to the environmental friendly nature of the same. The type of the composite materials used last longer than the timber, although it gives a natural timber like look. People are asking about the composite decking materials and that means more people are interested in knowing about the alternative decking method that can compete the timber decking.

Developers – The wood- plastic composites are used by the developers for the anti-slip properties. The anti-slip property helps in reducing accidents and so the type of materials is preferred in the old-care communities, while the developers are building any old care community. The low maintenance of the material also saves a lot of time and the clients of the developers are happy with the maintenance free decking that can be cleaned by normal ways of cleaning.

Gazebo and Patio Builders & Retailers – The 10 year replacement warranty of the decking materials from us ensures the gazebo and patio builders & retailers that the product is termite resistant or will not crack. The retailers and the builders are confident in the products that there will be no cracking or termite damage to the materials.

Landscaping Businesses & Supply Services – The landscaping businesses and the supply services use our wood- plastic composite decking services as an alternative for the timber. This alternative is an environmentally friendly option as well as this gives timber like looks. Apart from the environmental friendly alternatives, the material is rot and termite resistant.

DYI Enthusiast’s, Home Renovators and Owner Builders love it due to the ease of installation using the hidden fixing system.

Apart from the benefits like environmental friendly solutions or the termite resistant behaviour, the other benefits like the varieties of the colours available or the different lengths of the planks with the custom orders are found. All the beneficial reasons add profitability and value for the users.

Composite decking products offer a cost effective alternative for your retail customers. With 100% maintenance free solutions, with the anti-slip properties this gives the consumer piece of mind and more time to do the enjoyable things in life, you can give us a call today and get the free complimentary price and product guide. The price guide will help you to choose the type of decking to suit your requirements.

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