Wholesale Composite Decking

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Wholesale Composite Decking

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Wholesale Composite Decking

Questions & Answers About Wholesale Composite Decking

Q. What sizes and colours does the wood-plastic composite decking come in?
A. Yes, we deliver anywhere in Australia.

Q. What warranty does your product have?
A. 10-year replacement warranty – guarantee against rot, cracking and termite infestation.

Q. Does your wood-plastic composite decking meet Australian Standards?
A. There are no Australian Standards for wood-plastic composite decking. However, all our decking is sampled and tested for quality in each production run.

Q. Can I customise my wood-plastic composite decking order?
A. Yes, of course. Every order we place is tailored to suit each of our customers perfectly. Not everyone has the same business, the same resort or the same needs, so I will call and talk directly to you to put together a custom package that suits your needs exactly.

Q. Is the decking difficult to install?
A. No, the decking is very simple to install. We can also provide the accessories to assist with installation and give the decking a nice, professional finish. A DIY’er can easily install the decking.

Q. What sort of maintenance is required on composite decking?
A. This is the beauty of composite decking – there is NO maintenance! There is no staining, no sanding, and no oiling. The decking will appear as you installed it. If the decking is in direct sunlight, after a number of years there may be slight colour fade, but other than that the decking will look exactly the same as the day you installed it, which makes it perfect for council areas, resorts, hotels and body corps, as well as residential homes looking for a low-maintenance lifestyle.

Q. What is the minimum amount I can order?
A. We are a wholesaler, so we sell in bulk. However, if you would like a smaller quantity to try it out first, I completely understand and can get this organised for you.

Q. How does the composite decking compare to timber?
A. WPC or Wood Polymer or wood-plastic composite decking is made from 35% recycled plastics and 55% wood and bamboo powder, which is a waste product from other industries. Thus, WPC decking is extremely environmentally friendly. It requires no maintenance like timber, no staining is required, and it does not crack or rot as timber would. There is no chance of termite infestation, wood worm or the like, and it will last many years in its original state. Being made from 90% recycled materials, WPC or Wood Polymer composite decking is the kind choice, and the future of decking.

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