Wholesale Composite Decking

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Wholesale Composite Decking

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Wholesale Composite Decking

The benefits available with the use of wood composite decking




Timber decking is extensively used for enhancing the looks of any building or premises. But, due to certain disadvantages of using wood or timber decking, such as rot or termites. There is also the time-consuming preparation of the expensive yearly oil or staining maintenance programme required to extend the lifetime of the deck. The wood decking is replaced by the wood composite decking, to eliminate the pitfalls of timber decking.

What benefits will you get from wood composite decking?

The composite decking can be used to replaced that old conventional deck or veranda or to build that new entertainment area or pool surround, for walk ways and marinas it looks like wood without the high maintenance

The benefits are listed as follows:

Durability – Wood composite decking is more durable than the normal wood decking. The specialty of the woodcomposite decking is that these are completely insect or termite proof and also have the power of resisting mold and fungus .

Low – maintenance – The wood composite decking requires low-maintenance or zero maintenance. The processes of staining, oiling or painting is not required for the composite decking. The cleaning of the composite materials can be done by simple water or soap and soft broom cleaning.

Aesthetics – Different colours, patterns and designs are available in case of wood composite decking that gives superb looks. The exotic wood like finish of the  decking enhances the beauty of the building or premises. we now have a new mix colour available.

Sustainability – In case of the wood composite decking, the materials used are made up of recycled content like the wood scraps and the recycled plastic from common items. The plastic to wood powder used in this material is approximately 35% and 55% respectively. Thus, the material has very little environmental impact. Keeps plastics out of the ocean

Value – The initial cost of the wood composite decking can be higher than the normal wooden decking but, as there is no maintenance or low maintenance. As composite decking lasts longer without any maintenance, thus less expensive in the long term than timber decking.

Time saving is also a big factor in our time-poor world.

Easy Installation – Using our hidden fixing systems or conventional in conjunction with our installation guide the

Order Customization – For our Wholesale customers

Variety of products – Different colours and different patterns or designs is available, where from the clients can choose the suitable one. That means, for each of the purposes, different types of product can be used. For either residential home, five-star hotels or resorts or may be any commercial areas, there are diverse options for composite decking. We do stock a variety of decking and colours for our trade and retail customers.


Safety Features – In the composite decking, the anti-slip textures are used and so, the decks are safe to use anywhere and everywhere. Termite and rot resistant feature as well as  no splinters , cracks or nails coming loose. With our hidden fixing system, no screws or nails are showing.

Quality Standards – To ensure providing the best quality materials, in every production run, the decking samples are quality tested. The clients have to least worry about the quality of the material.

Apart from all the benefits mentioned above, the clients also get a limited original owner 10 year replacement warranty from us.

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