Wholesale Composite Decking

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Wholesale Composite Decking

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Wholesale Composite Decking

About Wholesale Composite Decking

Paul Arnison

Wholesale Composite Decking started its journey about 15 years back and now is a well reputed name in and around Darwin and Brisbane. Our company provides an environmental friendly alternative for the timber decking. Some of the salient features that you will find in our composite decking are:

  • Strong and durable wood-plastic decking.
  • Natural timber like looks.
  • Low or zero maintenance.
  • Made from recycled materials and thus is eco- friendly.
  • Termite resistant.
  • Rot free and crack resistant.
  • 10 years replacement warranty.
  • Free from fungus or molds.

With zero or low maintenance for the composite decking, the time and energy is saved by using the wood-plastic composite decking services. This is a virtual benefit of the wood-plastic.

Hi, I am Paul Arnison, the founder of Wholesale Composite Decking. Before starting the wood composite decking in Brisbane, I had a fishing company that was engaged in operating as well as managing prawn trawlers for about 20 years. The previous business helped me to understand the importance of delivering the quality products as well as creating long lasting relationship with the customers.

The reasons why I chose the composite decking business, are:

  • Composite decking can replace the timber decking and the wood-plastic composite decking has several applications.
  • The anti-slip texture of the decking is perfect for the use of the same in the pool areas as well as the marina walkways. Thus, accidents can be avoided.
  • It is made from the recycled materials and so the decking is environmental friendly. So, the customers love to use the wood-plastic composite materials with the natural look of timber and doing no harm to the environment.
  • No need for staining, oiling or painting, but can be cleaned by normal cleaning methods.
  • As no need for maintenance, so the time and energy is saved.
  • The hidden finish of fixing system is easy for the user to clean or use it by any means.
  • The rot and termite resistant feature of the wood-plastic composite ensures that no cracking or warping of the materials will be seen and thus no nails will come loose.
  • The natural look of the timber in these wood composite decking lasts for a long time and also no maintenance is required for it. These two features make the composite decking as more economical and beneficial.

The above benefits of the wood-plastic composite encouraged me for starting the business. Also, I have seen the replacement of the timber jetties and walkways in the previous fishing business. The resistance to rot, termites and other atmospheric conditions make the composite decking the most popular decking options. The durability, the long lasting quality and easy cleaning options save the maintenance cost, time and the energy of the user.

In my company, the option of 10 year replacement warranty is offered that is not found in other companies offering the similar services. Also, you will get the composite decking in wholesale prices that will benefit you.

The above information will help you to get a basic idea about me and my business and the rest you can know when we meet. The price guide is offered to you for free, so that you can decide after seeing the same. With us, you can enjoy the maintenance free decking service and you will get more time for increasing the profits or adding more value to your life. Call us, make an appointment and we will be at your doorstep to discuss in details about your requirements regarding composite decking in Darwin along with our free price guide.

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